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In the 1920s Temple City grew by attracting people from Los Angeles on the Pacific Electric. In the 1950s TC grew rapidly as returnees from WWII flooded in from "everywhere" - which we took to mean around the USA. Now TC has become an international city. Temple City Today could reflect that diversity on the web. It just takes a little creativity and a little outreach; some languages are easier to implement than others.
Temple City Today is seeking an editor/publisher. This is an excellent home-based business opportunity for a web entrepreneur based in Temple City, California.

A prospective editor/publisher will have substantial knowledge and experience in Temple City and the San Gabriel Valley plus experience in reporting, writing for the Web (HTTP/CSS protocol), text editing, computer graphics, advertising and business management. Excellent English skills are required. At this writing the site is constructed using a proprietary system called Journalmaker™.

Advertising will be the primary source of revenue. Additional revenue may be earned from the implementation of web sites on the publishing platform for local businesses and organizations. Sites can double as comprehensive extended advertisements within the publication. The guest sites can combine with the publication to create a solid Web-oriented community. Complete training and support with respect to the online publishing environment will be provided.

The editor/publisher will have full responsibility for all editorial content and delivery of services - including legal responsibility. The publisher must be financially able to guarantee publication for one year. An investment will be needed during the first year of operation; the true out-of-pocket expense will depend on actual revenue. This is a very inexpensive web startup given the preexisting set of online publishing tools.

If you have stories to report, advertisers to serve and a community to unify, this is the site for you.

If you are interested and have the requisite skills, contact Clark Internet Publishing at (206)577-0550 or use the To The Editor form on the site. Serious inquiries only, please.

(If you don't know what "requisite" means or are otherwise clueless, click one of the other home-based businesses Google or another advertiser has no doubt placed on this page.)