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Frequently Asked Questions

General information about the community, its history and how to use the site.

Usage and Policies

How to use the site and a synopsis of the rules of order.
Question: Can everyone use the Forums?
Answer: To participate you must join the site and sign in before commenting upon or adding a topic.
Question: Will you protect my privacy?
Answer: When you register as a user ("member") you will have to confirm your email address. That information will be confidential as long as you leave its privacy in the original default setting and do not reveal it in any messages you add to the site. Your member ID and IP address will be recorded with each post. We will reveal your contact data only if we are ordered to do so by a court of competent jurisdiction in the United States.
Question: Must I use my real name?
Answer: Your posts will carry your real name only if given and as specified in your profile settings.
Question: Do you share or sell my contact data?
Answer: We not sell contact data or facilitate bulk mail to registered users (members). We will share it only if required by law and so ordered by a US court.


Question: Is this really an FAQ?
Answer: The truth is that you'd be surprised how INfrequently this question is asked.
Question: Was Temple City really founded by space aliens in the dawn of time?
Answer: Actually, few people hold to this believe. Most of them are regular viewers of the A&E television network and believe every word uttered by the guy with the funny — not to say ridiculous — hair.
Question: Can I help build the FAQ?
Answer: Submit your idea to the editor, with a succinct question and a succinct answer. Extra points for brevity above and beyond the call of duty.

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